Poems written about Fern Tor by our Guests

Fern Tor


A place of peace & happiness

in which you can unwind

A home that’s full of love

and helps to calm a troubled mind


It’ll wrap itself around you

and soothe a furrowed brow

Leave your worries far behind you

cos you’re at Fern Tor now


Jane’s food will fill your body

the air will clear your head

The house Cliff built will shelter you

so safe in cosy bed


Don’t be sad when it’s all over

and it’s time you must depart

There’ll always be a piece

of Fern Tor nestled in your heart


Ann MacSorley

Fern Tor
    Come to Fern Tor
 to visit Exmoor
    or a Devon Beach
      that's in easy reach.

      Find tranquil mood,
    eat gourmet food,
     rest in comfy bed,
       ..........enough said!

          Thanks Cliff and Jane,
      we'll be back again.

                Lorna Wilson


There's a Pot-bellied Pig at Fern Tor,
Whose circumference you just can't ignore,
She just isn't wasting leftovers for tasting,
Each day she just hopes for some more.

Treacle by name and by colour,
She certainly fits in so well,
For Vegans and Veggies as well as Miss Piggy,
Agreeing that Fern Tor is swell.

                    Geraldine McCarthy

Fern Tor

 Boris & Murphy
    Jane & Cliff        
   many many more
     at Fern Tor           

            Marsh tits & blackbirds
     chaffinches galore  
    at Fern Tor          

          Top class veggie food
       veg, soup to adore  
 at Fern Tor      

           Walks by the hundred
         Coastline to explore  
at Fern Tor    

                        Nora Hatfield