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Fern Tor Vegetarian and Vegan Guest House

Links to other sites

Vegetarian/Vegan links

The Vegetarian Society UK

The Vegan Society (UK)

Animal Organisations

Animal Aid the UK's largest animal rights organisation

League Against Cruel Sports doing what it says

The Badger Trust  promotes the conservation and welfare of badgers and the protection of their setts and habitats for the public benefit, and not the NFU's

Animal Free Research UK  promotes and supports research into alternates to animal experimentation

Compassion in World Farming - new site for foremost farm animal welfare campaigning organisation

Hare Preservation Trust -  new web site.

Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund - " A hutch is not enough"

 Greyhound Compassion campaigning for, and rehoming this most abused breed.

 Forever Hounds Trust    ditto

Wire Fence   extensive list of dog rescue centres in the UK

And, some sanctuaries deserving of your support:

Animals in Need  Northampton animal rescue

Hillside  Campaigning and rescue centre

Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary  -run by Robby and Bobby's amazing godmother!

 We are updating our links page.

page updated February 2019