Fern Tor's Breakfast Menu
Always available are 3 fresh and cooked fruits, 6 dry cereals, including our home-made granola, as well as our home-made bread.

In addition, there is porridge and soya yoghurt available on request.

A cooked breakfast is available which can include all or any of the following:

fried bread
vegan 'sausages'
vegan 'bacon'
eggs from our
rescued hens
scrambled tofu
- or -

vegan pancakes and  maple syrup
 with some of the above

- or -

an organic bagel with
 vegan cream cheese and
perhaps scrambled eggs or tofu?
- or -

A Fernbocker Breakfast:
an early morning version of our famous dessert
 - includes fruits, granola and yoghurt.
  Served with a banana muffin

There also is Fair Trade coffee
 (including decaffeinated),
and a selection of teas, (including decaffeinated, herbal and fruit)