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Fern Tor - Birds

At Fern Tor you can see a variety of birds and other wildlife. Below is a list of birds which have been seen from the dining room window.
  • Blue tit, great tit, marsh tit, coal tit, long tailed tit
  • Green finch, bullfinch, chaffinch, siskin, brambling
  • Greater spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker
  • Jackdaw, rook, magpie, jay
  • Wren, robin, blackbird, dunnock, sparrow
  • Heron, buzzard, sparrow hawk
  • Nut hatch, yellow hammer, pied wagtail
  • Fieldfare, spotted flycatcher, swallow
  • Collarred dove, wood pidgeon
  • Ring-necked pheasant, chinese pheasant, partridge
  • Canada goose, mallard duck
  • Pot-bellied nut rooter
Elsewhere at Fern Tor, the following have been seen: kingfisher, stonechat, goldfinch, dipper, tree creeper.

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Updated June 2012